A Guide for Novices | Locating Sprites in Last Cloudia

Players of Last Cloudia can increase their abilities in multiple ways, one of them being the use of sprites. Where can these sprites be acquired? Apart from getting weapons and accessories via the main narrative, you can also buy them from vendors with gold coins at certain plot moments. Players can also acquire materials through activities or acquire them by signing in. Furthermore, there is an extra method of obtaining equipment in Last Cloudia, which is by capturing sprites.

On the map, Sprites will show up as small globes in a designated card slot. Players will only be able to observe them if they have met the requirements, which include finishing 2-9 and getting away from the Great Wall as well as activating the Sprite Research Institute. When they do activate the institute, a Sprite Capture Device will be provided to them that they can take with them wherever they go.

What is the location of the sprites in Last Cloudia?

Exploring the different areas of the game will lead players to come across small orbs in the air. These orbs are the sprites, and to capture them the player needs to click on the orb and start the process. Listed below are the spots to look for each sprite:

The Wind’s Incarnation

The area in question is situated in the Rubel Coast region, particularly in the 1-9 subsection.

The Wind Sprite has the advantage of providing a +21 Defense accessory and cutting down the critical damage you take by 15%.

The H2O Sprite is an aquatic plant found in many ponds, freshwater lakes, and streams. It is recognizable by its delicate, fern-like leaves and small white flowers. This plant can survive even in shallow water and is known to be able to purify the water it inhabits.

The wreckage of the Durandal can be found in the airspace.

The Water Sprite offers a +27 Spirit and +5 Ice Resistance bonus when equipped. Additionally, when the player is submerged in water, the Water Sprite decreases the amount of magical damage taken by 10%.

The Element of Flame

A creature of fire, often called a Fire Sprite, is a mysterious being with origins from ancient folklore. They are often depicted as a small and mischievous spirit with a fiery personality. Fire Sprites were said to be able to manipulate the power of flame, influencing the temperature and intensity of a fire. Legends suggest that these creatures are able to bring good luck and fortune to anyone who respects them.

One can find the Maruruvolia Lava Cave in the 1-12 area.

The Fire Sprite can be upgraded to give a +94 Attack Flame Sword, and when Flame attribute skills are employed, the damage dealt will be increased by 15%.

A Creature of Ice

An entity composed of frozen water, this being is known as an Ice Sprite. This creature possesses the power of cold and can freeze anything which it touches. It is also believed to be able to manipulate the temperatures of its environment, allowing it to create snow and frost. It is a mysterious figure, shrouded in myths and legends, as it rarely appears in the physical realm. Nonetheless, its presence is a reminder of the power of nature and the mysterious ways of the world.

The Ranzelia Mountains, particularly in the 2-7 zone, is the site.

Gaining the Ice Sprite gives a boost of +110 Attack Ice Spear and an upgrade of 3% to the critical hit rate when using Ice related abilities.

In Last Cloudia, a technique for swiftly obtaining sprites is present

When engaging in a battle, a sprite may appear after about 5 seconds of the first wave of monsters. If one does not show, the advice is to retreat and restart. Taking off all the relics is advised to prevent the consumption of soul energy. Using no help and only bringing one or two close combat output units is recommended to stop the monsters from being cleared before the sprite appears. Doing this multiple times increases the likelihood of the sprite appearing. If the sprite is not caught during the initial wave, it can be captured with the next one.

Gathering sprites is a straightforward task. To begin, one must go to the place on the map where the sprite appears and click the tiny orb. It will fly to the battle character and the individual can then take it to the Sprite Research Institute to turn it in. That’s all there is to it!

Is Redfinger a useful tool in capturing sprites?

Redfinger is a web-based game emulator which lets you enjoy the thrill of playing Android-based games on a larger display. With the random refresh rate of sprites in Last Cloudia, the bigger screen helps to reduce visual fatigue. However, it is not particularly beneficial when trying to capture sprites. Utilization of the Android emulator can be a great help, though it does not automatically capture sprites. It is intended only as an assistance.

Utilizing Redfinger to Engage in Last Cloudia?

Here’s How to Do It!

Locate REDFINGER on the Google Play store and install the application, or access the app through the official website via a web browser.

To gain access to the Redfinger cloud smartphone, please complete the sign-in steps. It is suggested to watch the Redfinger tutorial videos if any issues arise.

Using the search feature in REDFINGER APP Store, one can locate Last Cloudia.

Step Four: Obtain the game via Redfinger and install it.

Enjoy Last Cloudia with Redfinger by having a good run.

Final Thoughts

For Last Cloudia, sprites are integral to the game, so acquiring them is a necessary step. The task itself isn’t overly difficult, but having patience is essential for successful capture of all the sprites.

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