Vital Reasons For Which Osteoporosis Is Considered To Be A Silent Bone Attacker

The weight of our entire body needs supports to carry out normal activities. Our bone in the form of a solid structure supports our entire body weight. Hence, it is beyond doubt that it is absolutely essential to keep out bones healthy and strong to overcome the stress and strains imposed on it. During our day to day physical work, we lose some bones in the form of calcium due to wear and tear of the inner bones. Prior to 30 years ago, our body can reproduce new bones at a faster rate. 

Interestingly it can be identified that the meaning of the diseases is itself contained in its name “Osteoporosis” which is a combination of two languages:

•    English: osteo …. means bones

•    Greek: puros ……means passage, pores

•    English: Osis…condition 

Prime reasons

Osteoporosis is a disease related to bones and also a medical status or condition during which the bones lose its strength to withstand load. It also makes the bone friable or brittle on account of the loss of tissue. This is a specific result of a change in hormones also due to deficiency or loss of bones due in the form of calcium and shortage of D type vitamin. It deforms the bones in porous form creating passages through bone sections which weakens its strength. It is a disease which makes the bones weak and so it generates higher chances of the dismantling of the bone structure. 

Areas of attack

People having this disease often experience breaking feelings of bones of their wrist, along with the spine, and the hip area which are the zones of stress and strain due to normal human activities. Another name of the disease due to its nature of the attack is “silent disease”. This is because there are no prior symptoms that can be felt by the patients. A person will not know earlier whether he or she has the diseases until they suddenly fall, bump, or strain that leads to breakage of their vital parts like hips, leg, knee, wrist etc. 


Some of the factors which may lead to this kind of disease include –

  • intake of too much of medicines, 
  • too much or exercise or no exercise, or 
  • lack of nutrient-rich food.

How Can Osteoporosis be prevented?

Although the weakening of our bones strongly connected with our age, however making certain good and healthy practices in our daily life, we can prevent this disease. Some of the salient points to keep in mind to avoid the disease are:

•    quit smoking

•    avoid too much alcoholism and drug addiction 

•    Take vitamin-rich foods particularly the foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium

•    Consult an orthopaedic doctor if you feel weakness in bones

•    Women normally experience low bone density and attacked earlier than the men. However, men should take equal health care and should be aware of the condition.

Is there is any exercises can help to mitigate osteoporosis?

For a patient who has the condition of osteoporosis then certain exercises which can be beneficial for their posture, result in strengthening bones, and even improving their normal movement. Some of the exercises are:

•    swimming, 

•    low impact aerobics,

•    low-stress yoga or light yoga, and 

•    Tai Chi. 


In addition to this, people attacked by osteoporosis should not bend too much, no twist of the spine is permitted, and weight lifting is strictly prohibited. However, light walking, loose stretching, and doing light domestic work is not harmful.

Tips to keep homes healthy and strong?

Here are some tips that can maintain stronger and healthier bones are:

•    intake calcium-rich diet because strong bones are always accompanied with calcium. Calcium intake will help in the development of bones and teeth. Some of the examples of foods that you can have for calcium intake are milk, cheese, spinach, greens, and yogurt.

•    Avoid high intake of caffeine: in spite of its certain benefits, it is not good for bones. Reports of studies carried out on caffeine states that consumption of two cups of caffeine-rich beverages can create faster bone losses.

•    Take vitamin D rich diet: 

•    Exercise is compulsory to keep health problems away
Summing up the above, it can be concluded that osteoporosis is really a silent disease. So, the tips and advice as stated above are highly beneficial ones and must be followed by all persons irrespective of sex and age.

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