Measures We Need To Take In Botox Aftercare Instructions

You can use natural or synthetic skincare methods to reduce signs of aging. All the methods available in the market are safe and FDA-approved. Botox is a filler injection that helps you achieve your desired youthful look in just a single shot. However, you need to follow some Botox aftercare instructions to get the best results.

The aftercare would give the best result if you had some preparations before the appointment. These simple tips can save you from severe side effects. Also, they help to get the best out of a single treatment. A quality Botox injection effect can last up to six months. But on average, the results last for four months. 

Pre Treatment Instruction

Before you have any Botox injection, you should prepare physically and mentally. Your clarity of mind helps your body adapt to the chemicals injected to give you the best results. Also, there are some preparations you should do on your skin to enable the injection to provide you with the best results. Here’s what you should do before you think of Botox aftercare instructions. 

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is a potential blood thinner. Thus, when you intoxicate your blood, you will make the Botox injection flow away easily to other areas. Therefore, do not take alcohol for at least 24 hours before your appointment. Some people may argue that a bit of alcohol may not hurt, and that may be true, but there’s no need to take chances when you can avoid any dangers from the beginning. 

Avoid Blood Thinning and Anti-inflammatory Medication

These meds work the same as other blood thinners like alcohol. But if you are on continuous medication with an anti-inflammatory drug, you can reschedule your appointment. Alternatively, you can talk to your doctor and Botox expert for further guidance. 

If it’s possible, you should pause taking the drugs at least two weeks before your appointment. The period gives your body time to recover from the effect of the drugs.

Blood thinners can make you bleed on an injection site. It should not be the case as they use tiny needles, but when the blood is thin, it lacks the clotting ability, thus oozing from any small incision. 

Schedule Your Botox Appointment two weeks before an Event

Botox injection needs some time to set. Also, you’ll need some time to apply the Botox aftercare instructions. Thus, two weeks before the event so that you attain the best results. 

Botox results will take about 4-7 days before they appear. At this time, you may experience some bruising and swelling. The two weeks allow you to realize Botox results and heal any side effects. 

Reschedule your Appointment at Least 24 Hours Earlier

Botox clinics are usually fully booked. That’s why you need to book an appointment and secure a spot. It’s wise and courteous to reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours before the appointment. It gives the practitioner time to get another client to don’t lose business on your assigned time.

Some things that may make you cancel or reschedule an appointment are rashes, cold sores, and blemishes on the areas you intend to get an injection. If you have a story of cold sores, inform your Botox expert so that they place you on antiviral drugs before the treatment.

Take Enough Breakfast

Most Botox appointments are scheduled in the morning hours. It gives the patient time to sit upright and relax in the afternoon. Thus, it would help if you had enough breakfast before the appointment. Your breakfast should include food and a drink. When you are on a full stomach, you are sure you won’t feel lightheaded during the treatment.

Who is Not a Suitable Candidate?

You should not have a Botox injection if you are pregnant. Although there’s no conclusive research to show how Botox may affect a fetus, you should not take chances. Also, pregnant women have a higher sensitivity due to hormonal changes. Thus, they are at a higher risk of developing severe side effects. 

If you are on Retin-A medication, you should discontinue it at least two days before the appointment. 

Botox Aftercare Instructions

There are plenty of Botox aftercare instructions than there are pre-care instructions. Here is what you should do after your Botox appointment. 

Avoid Manipulating Treatment Area Post Treatment

For the first 3 hours after treatment, don’t touch or wash your face. The actions may accelerate bruising or the spread of toxins to other unintended areas. Do not wear makeup 48 hours after the treatment. 

 Also, you should spend at least ten days before you have intense skincare routines like microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and other facial treatments. When you are unsure of the timeframes, you should consult your Botox care provider for clarification.

Do Facial Exercise

Botox works by partially paralyzing your facial muscles. Thus, your face will take shape it gets used to. Since you want a natural outcome, you should do mild facial expressions like smiling, grinning, and frowning. It helps to relax your facial muscles so that Botox doesn’t make your face stiff and plain. 

Sit Upright for 4 Hours Post Treatment

The simplest Botox aftercare instruction is to sit upright and relax at least 4 hours after the appointment. If you lie down, Botox may find its way to the eye area. In the end, you may get drooping eyelids, making you look tired and old. 

Observe the Botox Results

Usually, it will take you 4-7 days to see Botox results. But when you don’t see any changes after two weeks, you should visit your expert for a follow-up shot. On the second shot, your expert will change the product so that the injection doesn’t fail for a second time. 

Avoid Activities that Accelerate Your Heart Rate

Botox injection gets in your bloodstream. Since the blood moves at an average rate, the injection can settle on the intended area. However, when you accelerate the heart rate, it may displace the toxins. It can lead to undesirable results, such as drooping eyelids. 

It would help if you avoided cardio exercise, vigorous work, lifting heavy objects, or bending 3 hours after the treatment. 

Avoid Sun Exposure 72 Hours After Treatment

The purpose of Botox injection is to give you younger-looking skin. Thus, all Botox aftercare instruction helps you achieve a youthful look.

Sun exposure can give you sun damage and wrinkles. The effects of sunburns are more severe after a Botox treatment since the skin is vulnerable. Ensure you wear sunblock every time you step out. 

Avoid heat at all costs. If you spend most of the time indoors, avoid saunas and hot showers for 72 hours. Also, it would help if you avoided icy environments. 

Avoid Excessive Intake of Alcohol

In the pre-treatment care, alcohol acted as a blood thinner. Another effect that alcohol causes to your body is excessive sweating.

When you sweat too soon after the injection, Botox will find its way out of the body. In the end, you’ll have a reduced effect of the Botox injection. 

Risks and Side Effects

Just like any other skincare treatment, Botox has its fair share of side effects. However, they may be mild and manageable. The side effects include:

  • Bruising is the major effect that most clients report. It may be because they touched or rubbed the treatment area unconsciously.
  • You may notice bumps on your skin a few minutes post the treatment. However, the effects disappear with time. 
  • You may undergo a mild headache after the injection. It is a common side effect among all anti-aging injectables. Thus, you can treat the effect with your usual painkillers. 


Botox aftercare instructions are simple. You can reschedule your treatment when you feel you are not ready. Most importantly, it’d be best if you had enough discipline to follow your expert’s instructions. 

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