Unique Ways To Lead A Stress Free Peaceful Life

‘’I am really stressed because of the job over-expectation’’, ‘’my kids exams have really stressed me out’’ are these not normal conversations we hear all day long? 

Stress is no new phenomenon. This existed in the Stone Age too and is prevalent in this century as well. The intensity has definitely escalated. As simple living and small pleasures got replaced by complex societal norms and professional credits, life became a mix of physiological, emotional, social and professional turmoil’s causing anxiety better known as stress.


To many’s surprise stress can be a good thing. A stressful situation if managed well can propel one forward in accomplishing the task causing anxiety. 

But this is quite rare, most of the times when adrenaline in released owing to a situation of discomfort, a person might lose his thinking cap and fumble, fail.

  • Stress if prolonged in nature can lead to severe metal issues culminating in depression or other forms of impairments.
  • If severity increases it can propel people towards life threatening actions aimed at oneself or others.
  • Decrease in overall efficiency at work and otherwise is a common occurrence when an individual faces stress.
  •  It can lead to drift of an individual towards a more solitary lifestyle, detesting contact with the outside world.
  •  Serious issue concerning family, friends and love life surface, because people have enough on their plate to manage, making them unable to continuously adhere to other persons apprehensions and worries.

Stress is definitely a grave concern, if not detected and cured timely it can fade away the beauty of life.


Stress is not a onetime phenomenon and is not age specific. The acts of violence in schools and clubs are not due to any professional competitiveness, they happen because of peer pressure and the quest to please parents. Stress can occur in any form, to anybody and in any situation.

  • Children often get stressed because of constant quest for academic and overall excellence and the excessive focus of parents on their performance in comparison to peers.
  • Teenagers are stressed because they do not know what to choose from the unlimited opportunities at their disposal and their fear of failure.
  • The main concern and reason for anxiety in adults is their inability to maintain a good work and life balance.
  • Rich want to be richer and this causes perturbation to them.
  • The poor do not know what they will eat for the next meal and how their children will complete their education leading to constant apprehensiveness.

So it is very difficult to understand who will be stressed under what situation. A small speech in the school assembly can also cause the heart to pound faster, but these are situational stresses and gradually fade away when worked upon.  The Graver issues on the other hand call for professional help.


Stress is the product of competition, quest of excellence, perfection and our own burden of aspirations. Modern lives and family values have added more fuel to this already raging fire.

But as all problems have solutions, stress can also be cured with a timely identification and taking professional help.

  • Most of the times identification of issues which cause stress and mentoring one’s mind to avoid getting anxious on their occurrence works well.
  • Meditating is a great way to connect to your inner self and develop the strength to avoid nervousness and worry arising from a stressful situation.
  • A lot of help groups and centres have come up to help people struggling with more complex kindof depression. Connecting with people having same issues often helps, as one is re-assured that he is no alone in this.
  • Family and friends come handy at these times, as they can understand your thoughts and perceptions best.
  • Undertaking activities which you love can put your mind to productive use and bring about your best side forward. This renews confidence and helps in relieving stress.

Stress is nothing to be ashamed of; everyone has his/her own fears. But masking and ignoring the problem of anxiety and stress can have far reaching consequences. Timely intervention and action can transform one into a better and stronger individual ready to face the challenges life has in store.

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